A couple of days ago, my dear friend from Delhi had come down. We were all sitting around and talking and just remembering how we used to pull each others legs and all. He recanted quite a few war stories from his college - the kind of war Bill Clinton would have been proud of. Anyway, that apart, we decided to call our junior- who was studying in a prestiged B-school. We just found out (from one of this own batch mates present with us) that he had finally caught himself a girlfriend.
He and I immediately thought of calling him up to play a prank. We give him a call and say, I am so and so professor, is Ms. X there? He retorts with no thought, "Yes sir she is" and hands her the phone. Supposedly, his gf is the daughter of some prof in the college and we just happened to call at the darndest time cuz he was having dinner at her house. Talk about absolutely rotten coincidence.
After a few calls were exchanged, and the infuriated girl was calmed down... I decided to say, "Wasn't me!" and run along home! We were just thanking our stars that we din't pick the prof whose daughter she actually was and say, "I am , we are worried that she hasn't come home. Is she with you?"
The guy who told us about this case, what happened to him, no idea! Probably lying somewhere bleeding because of shotgun wounds!

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