In our culture the term influence is used to convey a sense of power and used extensively and especially with politicians!
When we suggest a hair dresser, a restaurant, a doctor, a movie to our friends... we are influencing them - to a slight extent, but influencing them nonetheless. With every bit of influence comes a bit of responsibility. It is when we shrug off this responsibility that our influence really turns into misleading...
But seriously, in your friend circle, about something like what items to buy, would you really influence ur friend or would you rather let them choose for themselves? I would definitely not like to influence my friends to do things, I would much rather they chose to do it for themselves.
Is that because I am running away from responsibility or because I want to nurture their decision making capabilities?
Extending the thought of influence, when you try and sell something to people, be it yourself in an interview or some item or something else, you are not just trying to influence people, you are also trying to convince them to purchase the item or select your idea.
Ur not just trying to influence anymore you are trying to convince? How does a person who does not like to influence ever feel like convincing someone else, nevertheless selling something??
WE unfortunately live in a society where everything revolves around buying and selling.. be they items or just plain ideas! But then how do you tackle a situation of the sort above? Any ideas???

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