My Hot Neighbour

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 20/02/2005, 05:24 hrs

Observation 1 : Her balcony's too far away from mine to be able to jump into and back when she's not at home.

Proof 1 : I tried throwing a cigarette butt in.......shorted it by abt a foot.

Observation 2 : She's not married.

Proof 2 : I'm constantly looking at her clothesline and I've never seen guys clothes.

Observation 3 : She's single.

Proof 3 : She spends a lot of time in front of the TV and in the balcony.

Observation 4 : She works a graveyard shift.

Proof 4 : From observation 2 it is obvious that she has to be working. a) She's always at home during the day time.

b) There are no lights on after 9 pm.

Combining a and b we come to Observation 4

Observation 5 : She's lonely.

Proof 5 : (and I'm not lying about this) I saw her touching herself. Although the view wasnt very clear, the fact that she forgot to close her balcony door helped me. Although I didnt see anything that she'll be embarassed about, I did see her rubbing her thighs.





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  1. dude... u are so fuckin stoned

  2. LOL.
    U shud pop over and say hi...
    take some movies. :-D

  3. left a comment on the previous post as well. Do let me know man...

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