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Long time since i wrote

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 21:21

Long time since i thought i will write, once the thought came and i had forgotten my password so the thought evaporated before started writing. Writing a blog is one of hte most fav hobbies of mine, so that means i had no time to write a blog...

Well, the other reason is .. i was doing my MBA in xLRI the final term and was in jamshedpur for the classes and the exam. Not that i am very studious student but i get tired easily.

Now my friend had gone to US for a 3 month project, I feel left alone. Without her life is like a nonsensical picture of oneself lying around with to od nothing (if it does not sound what i wanted to say, then rephrase and mail it to me...and if it sounds what i did not want to say.. just drop dead...i know what i wanted to say)..

for now this is it..but i am back..will defntly write more do read and email me your comments to ajay.kumar@gmail.com


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