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forgot my mobile phone

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 21:27

U know when life revloves around this gadget and you know all the loved ones (bosedk, not only my girl friends , i meant my parents, sister) communicate everyday, you know you are missing something.

Somethings in life are taken for granted . I could forget my ID card to office (never happpenedd in lifee) but forgetting the mobile is out of question and out of standards. I have set some standards in life and i breached it.

Mobile has been the most used gadget of mine (dont count the water closet in the restroom). Usually when my friend was in india, there wud b hardly any moment when i am without my mobile. Now that i dont call her using mobile, i have 100 different ways usage of my mobile during the day time is meant only for alarm and not for anything else.

This contains a inbuilt camera and i had been shooting pictures, which are also blogged in a site called http://lovableflowers.blogspot.com

so if you want to reach me today...you know call me in the night...


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