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ajayg | 23 February, 2005 16:54

Join me in Ohri's for a good dinner on this weekend by giving out the BEST entry on what you can do with a microlight!!

Participants give me your entries in comments section and we all shall choose the best one on this friday..



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syko_ceramic | 23/02/2005, 17:54

Exec PGP?
Jesu says hi :D


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Ajay | 23/02/2005, 19:32

Hi... :)..yes!! Exec - PGP .. how did you know ? btw who is this? and jesu reminds me of Fr. jesurajan !!

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syko_ceramic | 24/02/2005, 16:01

dude. you've posted Exec PGP like abt a million times in yer other blog :p

and ya. y else wud i mention "jesu"?

hmm...who is this? not any1 you'd kno. just sum1 who's linked to that small town in east india too :-)

signing off,

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chotacyrus | 25/02/2005, 21:03

Things I would do with a microlite:
1).Not feel bad abt not being able to fly a kite.Will take a kite along with me now.
2).Provide help to flood-hit areas.
3).Chase the crow that caws in the morning and disturbs me.
4).Chase the crow that 'shit' on my head and hit it with a stick.maybe give it a taste of its own 'medicine'.
5).Hover over Madonna`s swimming pool.
6).Hover over the Eden Gardens when a match is being played there.
7).Play Holi in an Armani suit.Not a soul can touch me.hehe.
8).Watch u and ur gf cuddle each other.
9).Drop my gf from 500m above the tank-bund into it.
10).Drop you from 500m above the tank-bund into it if I am not given the treat at
Ohri`s this weekend.

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Ajay | 01/03/2005, 12:20

Chotacyrus...arre yaar!! this was for the last weekend. Ok anyway , no worries still i would treat you. Drop me a line to my email , we shall go out for lunch / dinner whichever is possible this weekend :)

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chotacyrus | 01/03/2005, 17:33

thanx dood..for finally replying.and yeah bring lots of money :D.will mail u soon.bfn

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