Yesterday was the XL interview. There were quite a few good things about it. Let me start from the beginning. I somehow mananged to wake up by 8 and even get ready by 9. Then we made our way to CST, where we got off and asked the taxi guy to take us to Xavier's College. It was like a 5 min walk, but we din't know where the college was!!
Anyway, the college is this awesome fort like ancient structure built in 1583 or something. We enter with a suit and a tie and all. Looking as formal and perhaps as smart as we can. Except I have this amazing haircut.. I guess my barber (or barberian! ) thought my head looked better like a football and hence chopped my hair to a barely there level.
In the college, there was Zombie playing.. A few memories run by me, a few people flash in my head, in my head they're still fighting...
Ok ok.. I am coming back to the point already. We go upstairs to the waiting room for the interviews and wallah! No one! Absolutely deserted. At first I am greatly happy that there is A/C is the room, cuz mumbai just decided that yesterday was when summer should begin in full bloom and ensure sweltering heat and instant dehydration. I drink half a bottle of water, do a little dance... and then search for the loo!
Man, these Xavier's Management guys have it good! I mean, they have these amazing loos. Western comode, shower, geizer, sink. Everything! It was like a 5 star cubicle!!
Anyway, as there weren't too many interview candidates, our interview times were advanced. My brother went in at 12:10 or so and he was out by 12:30. He was obviously looking very handsome in the suit and even the profs couldn't help commenting about it.
At 12:35, I ask the profs if they are going to take my interview now? They were ready to go for lunch and all. They asked me if I was ready for the interview. I replied, I most definitely was.
In 5 minutes after they emptied their tanks, I geared up with my certificates and all and they called me into the room.
I went in and, said good afternoon to all of them.. They were all very easy going. The first question they asked me was, "Oh, Jamnagar?" I said, "Yes sir, my dad works in Essar Oil". They say, "Then you must know the person we just interviewed." I said, "Yes sir, he is my brother."
They asK: "You and brother? Both here, how come?"
I say: "My brother was getting the forms and I told him to get this one also."
"Does that mean you are not interested?"
"No sir, it does not. It is just that I din't prepare this year. I thought it would be better if I had 2 and half years experience before I joined a B-School." A few "Ohos" and sounded.
"Both brothers in IT firms!"
"Yes sir, but we have totally different roles. I am into marketing, he is into projects!" An explanation of what I do follows.
They ask me, what I have learnt from this experience.
And during these answers on prof leans over to another and says, "We should ask him about one seat and which of you should get the seat!"
So I guess I was mentally prepared for it when it came. In my inimitable brash yet polite style. "You should select me! Cuz I have a better perspective for business management and I have been in this field and am gaining knowledge and would be able to contribute a lot of experience to the students of XL! And he has other opportunities as well!" He did tell them that he got calls from IIM C, L, I, K. :D
Anyway, the iterview went on and I kept giving my fundas about this that and the other!
I am sure they wouldn't forget to suit clad brothers from Jamnagar, back to back for interviews to the same college, same course! I hope the shock effect is useful in getting both of us through! That would make my father very proud! :D

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