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Please leave me alone..please!!

chotacyrus | 28 February 2005, 10:09pm

It was 27 feb..1989 and I was this small,little boy who was the topper of his school.Studying was all that mattered to me.My parents,friends and relatives were all proud of me.The village which I hailed from was also extremely proud of me.(The only time it was so proud of someone was when Ramu scared the hell out of the campaigning politicians.Ramu,then became the fav dog of the village after chasing them out of the village.Unfortunately,it died of the several bites it recieved from one of the politicians).Teachers at school felt they were privileged to have me as their student.Life was a bed of roses....but then something happened..something terrible.I was on my way to the school but did not reach there that day,I instead found my way to the bottom of what seemed to be a bottomless pit.One side of my head got injured.Doctors felt that only one part of my brain would function properly and how true they were!Its only my right brain that functions properly now.Give me a brush and four strokes of it on a canvas..and voila-a wonderful piece of modern art!Its only my left brain thats causing problems.I cannot remember a word of what I have crammed last night.All the midnight oil and the 101 cups of tea have gone down the drain(no..I`m not referring to my stomach as the drain here..although people I know would beg to differ!)Even my ability to remember which 'chit' I have placed in the various shirt pockets has severely taken a beating.My acads are horrible now and I`m now popular for reasons like standing first in the lemon-and-spoon race,snakes-and-ladders etc.
It has been a struggle since then.Standing first in the history tests has been a thing of the past.Maths has always been a mystery.So has been chemistry.Mensuration and Menstruation were topics I could never understand.I just want everybody to know the truth and stop making fun of me.All I need is a little time and lots of vodka to start doin well again.(heard that vodka taken everyday helps the left-brain grow faster)Till then,no comparing with the others and stop making fun of me.

P.S:Can any girl here help me understand Chemistry better?


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  1. 1. By pawan  |  28 Feb 2005, 11:09pm

    dude....as far as my knowledge goes its the left side of the brain which is artistic not right..got that..

  2. 2. By pawan  |  28 Feb 2005, 11:11pm

    if am wrong let me know

  3. 3. By ben  |  28 Feb 2005, 11:59pm

    Don't you want comments and hits too?

  4. 4. By chotacyrus  |  1 Mar 2005, 9:55am

    @pawan:i`m pretty sure its the right brain.will come up with links and more info if u still dont agree.
    @ben:not facing shortage of hits and comments rite now.thanx for dropping in.

  5. 5. By tigress  |  13 Mar 2005, 11:20am

    still interested in chemistry???

  6. 6. By chotacyrus  |  13 Mar 2005, 2:56pm

    LOL!!I am still interested in chemistry lessons,not from a tigress though:D

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