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ajayg | 01 March, 2005 23:18

It had been a norm of all govts. to revert some or other measure due to public outcry. If the public does not have one, then they feel the budget is not a prosperous one

or can i say since the budget was good in all fronts buri nazar nikalne ke liye - they made a good worthless funny measure.

like they say in  indiatimes, "whatever"  the measure to me was funny when i read that but realized how many times i go to bank to withdraw 10000 Rs/- ? for running a family (my house in chennai is next to a ICICI ATM) my dad withdraws money almost like every week around 3k and that wud be more than sufficient for him for all other expenses like utiliy bills, mobile bills, credit cards he never uses money but uses cheques.

So why would i withdraw 10k ? for giving someone as a loan who needs cash to be deposited and why would he deposit cash ? We dont need to show the source of cash or our PAN number and does not get reported until 50k of money so i get 2Lakhs of money from some source (unknown and unquotable) and i take into confidence 4 friends of mine to make the black into white and deposit 49.9 K into each of their accounts and ask them to withdraw over every other day.

So, IT is ok with 4 individuals getting 49.9 k and that being given as a loan. If given as a cheque it would be quoted as a valid findable transaction. if i withdraw cash and give it to the other friend and he deposits the next day with a small round robin i have withdrawn 2l from 4 different account with a min of 4 permutations and made the unaccountable money into accountable money.

while the friend who stores this money into his account he happily does not need any reference if IT asks him why he withdrew 49.9 k he could say for his monthly expenses and noone asks him why 50k of expenses. But ppl...think why do we need 10k of money to be spent on one day?

ok , the corollary is if i have a black money of 2L and if i withdraw 2L from 4 different accounts i lose a max of 200 Rs/- which is nothing compared to the amount of money i evade as tax !! so whats the purpose then?

The only purpose i see is with this there would be more outcry and cribbing and feeling laughed at rather than any purpose :(


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