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Tax Tax Income Tax

ajayg | 01 March, 2005 23:29

Voila, The tax has come down.. now i have to pay a little less to the govt. But the saved money cant be spent , thats the condition then tha means i cant buy AC mobile phones ,though they are cheaper.

I can save  1L into any kind of savings and there are 17-18 items which include most of those that are in Sec. 88. So that means, we have a straight away tax with no STD (standard Tax Deductions). So, wheres the money gone until you were 70 K benefits , we can save the std deductions into a insturment. So ideally the standard deduction has gone into some section of savings.

The FM would have thought that the money saved in the bank gives me more easier to access than the money in the people :)

anyway, its a win-win situation


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