Fact of Life

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 02/03/2005, 21:16 hrs

It's your attitude,

not your aptitude, which determines

your altitude in life.

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Responses to Fact of Life

  1. BINGO!!

  2. as an addendum, "its not only your aptitude, but also..."

  3. then why do geeks make millions while you and i rust in dust?

  4. @LK: Thats something that needs to be considered and analysed during our periodic herbal inhalation

  5. very true, attitude originates in our heart and it has to be consistent with our actions. It truly determines the path our life would eventually take. Possesing skills and talents always does not help us in reaching our goals.

  6. You GOTTA be kidding me .. You ACTUALLY posted this on your blog !!!

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