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Politicians and the games they play..

chotacyrus | 2 March 2005, 11:43pm


A few bad things abt Indian politicians:
1).Digging noses in public like people used to dig for gold in the last century.
2).Hurling things at each other.The number of things thrown at each other in the parliament is usually very large.Very little,ofcourse,compared to the number of objects thrown at Anil Kapoor when he removed his shirt for a stage show.
3).Having naps in the Parliament.We have great stalwarts like A B Vajpayee, who perfected the art of extending the pause between words into brief naps, and Deve Gowda, the uncrowned king of snoozers.
4).Sitting when the national anthem is being played.Pls refer to the link below if u want to know what I am talking about.I`ll not elaborate on this..for the picture says it all.
5).Getting hospitalized when there`s an IT raid or a case pending.Now,how do Indian politicians(whose lifespan can be equalled only by the turtles)become sick all of a sudden when there`s an IT raid?And become healthy enough to shout and throw things around in the parliament as soon as they are 'safe'?
6).Being the biggest cause of traffic jams.I recently had a first hand experience of this.Caught in the traffic jam for 40 mins,a woman who was in labour pains could not reach the hospital at the appropriate time and I missed my supplementary exam again.shit!
7).Having actors campaign.I dont think they can ever make able politicians.Just cannot forgot what Govinda talked abt India in a movie of his.This one-liner of his should be up there..with the very best one-liners of Bollywood.He said "India is cow,cow is India".No wonder people made him a MP in the very next election.
8).Providing 'free power'.It is as ridiculous a claim as searching for 'WMD' in a place where it just doesnt exist.

The most hillarious scene of all has to be that of Lalooji brushing his teeth in a press-conference kinda thing in Pakistan.No wonder he made so made so much news then.Heard he has now changed his fav one-liner to "Jab tak rahega samose mein aalo,tab tak rahega NEWS mein Laloo".Wat say folks?



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  1. 1. By Odette  |  3 Mar 2005, 12:43am

    dont u think u posted this two years too late? its kinda stale examples there... then again, nothing is 'yesterday' for the politicians u will say, i guess.

  2. 2. By Odette  |  3 Mar 2005, 12:43am

    dont u think u posted this two years too late? its kinda stale examples there... then again, nothing is 'yesterday' for the politicians u will say, i guess.

  3. 3. By kbk  |  3 Mar 2005, 12:53am

    abt the cow is india n india is cow part, i wit u on that

  4. 4. By Jaan  |  3 Mar 2005, 5:01am

    Yah,the traffic thing. Goddamnit, was stuck early morning in traffic when ChandraBabu was leaving for office one day...he lives like 20 feet away. Shit. Sorry about the exam man.

  5. 5. By chotacyrus  |  3 Mar 2005, 6:34am

    @odette:these examples might seem 'stale',but these still are the best examples.and dont traffic jams etc happen everyday.i guess these`ll be problems even after,say 50 years from now.:D..and u dont need to post the same comment twice to make ur point clear.:P

  6. 6. By Chandoo  |  3 Mar 2005, 10:58pm

    Hi bala...

    Nice blog. :)

    your post on engg.. couldnt be nominated because its outside the allowed date band. please nominate something you posted between 25th feb and 4th march.


  7. 7. By ravinder  |  16 Mar 2006, 3:28pm

    bekar si site

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