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Invincible to invisible in 60 secs!!

chotacyrus | 5 March 2005, 2:57pm

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The change in the status message said it all-it was 'INVINCIBLE' till yesterday,now I`m invisible.The reason was rejection from one of the better known b-schools in India.What followed were a few hours of extreme disappointment.Rarely in life have I failed.People know me as a very lucky person.I always had luck on my side.Lady luck had always been benevolent to me.All I asked of her was to smile and she would always end up kissing me.This time as I put forward my cheek expecting her to kiss me again,she gave me the slap of my life.Believe me,it was extremely painful.I guess the pain would last forever!!.But it was more than just pain that she gave me.She also gave me a few valuable lessons here.I realised that luck would not always take me through.I realised that luck and talent alone would not be sufficient for one to survive in this world.One needs to really slog it out if one were to be successful in this competitive world.
I really wanted to kick myself for this failure of mine....then after some introspection realised that this was not the b-school I wanted to get into.It was more of a back-up but somewhere down the line,I had become complacent and almost 'settled' for this.This was not what I really set out for.This achievement(incase I was selected i.e)was not certainly people would remember for ever.This was not the b-school my grandchildren would talk proudly about.I now am very happy that I did not convert the call...for I would have lost myself in the happiness and would have ended up under-achieving.Under-achieving has been one thing that I have been conscious of ever since I was a little boy.Not living upto one`s potential is the biggest crime that one could do to himself..and aint I happy that this has been avoided.:D Time to move onto better things in life.
For the next few months,I`ll spend time doing those things that I have always wanted to..losing a little fat,and returning back to my first love-music and probably even try my hand at learning the guitar.All this ofcourse when I take a break from working my a** off for the best b-school in India:D.
Sometimes,isnt a slap worth a thousand kisses??

P.S:I hope I am not glorifying failure here!!




Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
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  1. 1. By Big B  |  5 Mar 2005, 4:25pm

    DM, good for you that you took it in a good way (positive thinking)! Way to go! Good luck ahead. And yes, impressive writing.

  2. 2. By Oasis  |  5 Mar 2005, 8:30pm

    Great....I wish u a very best of luck....nice post.

  3. 3. By drp  |  6 Mar 2005, 1:18am

    :D MDI gaya kya? :) chaltha hain..dam good attitude u showin hea..:D

    hav fun..n kik-ass next time round...:D

  4. 4. By uRmad  |  6 Mar 2005, 2:01am

    "This was not the b-school my grandchildren would talk proudly about"

    Get On !! B-school is only a means...Not an end in itself !!! All da best ;) ;)

  5. 5. By chotacyrus  |  6 Mar 2005, 6:14am

    @drp:study well and get into A man!!.will not mind being ur junior:D.

  6. 6. By chotacyrus  |  6 Mar 2005, 6:18am

    @uRmad:nice to see u here m8.but I think that was the best thing I could have told myself at that point of time..rather than sulking that I had missed out an oppurtunity:D..thanx newayz.

  7. 7. By Zarine  |  6 Mar 2005, 12:37pm

    More imp than following the herd is realising ur calling in life.This may/may not be it,but dont ever settle for something just for the heck of it.If u feel u can better this,u definately can :).ATB!

  8. 8. By chandu  |  6 Mar 2005, 7:53pm

    this was not the b school that was to be joined by u.ppl like u must reach higher b schools

  9. 9. By pawan  |  7 Mar 2005, 8:07pm

    impressive writing skills dude....take my word pal..ull go a long way..asfar as positive thinking is concerned u have loads of it else u would not have come this far (u know what iam talking about)good luck buddy am sure ull make it this time...

  10. 10. By fusion  |  7 Mar 2005, 10:33pm

    now I understand why winners dont do differrent things,

  11. 11. By Nikhil Narayanan  |  8 Mar 2005, 5:11pm

    Hey da, u r too young to be dejected.... balls to TAPMI.....

  12. 12. By Nikhil Narayanan  |  8 Mar 2005, 5:19pm

    Hey da, u r too young to be dejected.... balls to TAPMI.....

  13. 13. By Pradeep  |  26 Mar 2005, 5:47pm

    achaa hai re
    really good

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