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some humour

ajayg | 08 March, 2005 14:26

I have an extreme habit of cracking jokes on sardars. Its not that i hate them, its i like them more. I feel they are always down to earth and they also crack jokes on themselves and laugh !!

I am a natural speaker and i speak in many seminars (sachi se yaar). One day i was invited to speak in one of the sardar community forum regarding some human pshychology. I thought i should crack one joke before i begun serious discussions as soon as i started cracking the joke i remembered i was in a sardor congregation. So immediately i changed the topic

There was once a gujrathi, and he ....

Immediately a sardar sprang up and saw me with glaring eyes. I thought arre bhai aaj hum gaye...and he instanteously shot saying "Sir, kya sab sardar mar gaye hai kya?"..


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