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A Day in my life

chotacyrus | 15 March 2005, 1:50pm

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< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />4 am:Wake up at exactly 4 to work on my project.Feel very sleepy..then decide I`ll sleep for half an hour and then wake up.


8:30 am:Wake up and realise that more than half an hour has passed by.


8:31 am:Go to the kitchen and have a look at what`s in store for breakfast.


8:45 am:Start brushing my teeth


9:13 am:Still brushing my teeth..for I had recieved orders from my girlfriend to do it really well.


9:30 am:Really have a tough time handling 17 phone calls and a breakfast of 13 puris.Couldnt enjoy/focus on either of the two.


10:30 am:Leave for my project-work.


10:33 am:Sense the presence of some semi-solid on my head.Place my hand over it to realise that a bloody crow had again found my head to do the bloody thing.Now,why is it that they like my head so much.I still have lot of hair on my head and so it takes a few seconds for me to realise what has happened and this is enough time for the crow to fly away and maybe spoil some other guy`s day.


11:30 am:JAVA class in progress.Cannot understand a word of it(happens everyday).then start ogling at the girls(even this happens everyday)..then realise there is a  new-girl in the class and then later realise I am in LOVE!(now even this happens everyday).phew!


1:00 pm:Meet a friend over lunch.Later feel bad that he is the one who always ends up footing the bill.But then,isnt there a 'bakra' in every group..the one who always ends up coughing a substantial amount of the bill.


2:00 pm:Come home and look for interesting comments on the blogs @FH.


3:00 pm:Feel sleepy on opening the books.Decide half-an-hour`s sleep will increase my efficiency.


5:00 pm:Wake up and realise that more than 30 minutes have passed by.


5:30 pm:Start munching corn.Apart from being tasty,it rhymes with another of my favourite words-Porn.I just love corn!


6:00 pm:Recieve a call from one of my friends to meet at our 'adda'.Spend time there gossiping and sipping Chai..and being the only passive smoker in the group is not something that I have liked.


8:00 pm:Have dinner at Mohan`s.


9:00 pm:Have another dinner at home.Man,I hate doin this,but can`t disappoint my parents either.


10:00 pm:Decide will do what I love doin the most for half-an-hour and then start studying.


10:01 pm:Start doing what I love the most..listening to kishore kumar and drinking vodka:D


11:01 pm:Still doin what I love the most,only this time the music sounds even better


12:01 am:Still doin what I love the most..now I`m almost thru with my daily quota of vodka


12:30 am:Decide to wake up at 4:00 am and start working on my project.




P.S:Any guesses as to what I`ll be doin at 4:00 in the morning??:D







Current Mood: Amazed
Current Music: Kishore Kumar

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  1. 1. By Manas  |  15 Mar 2005, 3:22pm


  2. 2. By rohini  |  15 Mar 2005, 3:32pm

    maaan...u eat 13 puris????????........

  3. 3. By rohini  |  15 Mar 2005, 3:33pm

    maaan...u eat 13 puris????????........

  4. 4. By Sarat  |  15 Mar 2005, 8:41pm

    lucky u
    u get to ogle at girls(i mean nice ones), n drink vodka !!!!!!! vodka !!!!! cool buddy.

  5. 5. By postman  |  15 Mar 2005, 8:59pm

    i think ull be wondering what u did the previous day...at 4 in the morning...

  6. 6. By postman  |  15 Mar 2005, 9:01pm

    hey i forgot something ....after u finish wondering ull go back to sleep..........

  7. 7. By chotacyrus  |  15 Mar 2005, 11:54pm

    @rohini:wats wrong with 13?even u think there`s sumthing wrong with that no.
    @postman:i`ll be wondering abt how to arrange vodka for the evening rather than what I did at 4 am the previous day:D.
    @sarat:thank you:)

  8. 8. By Ash  |  16 Mar 2005, 10:05am

    Happy Go Lucky.........

  9. 9. By kranthi  |  16 Mar 2005, 11:18am

    with this kinda diet n daily routine.. maaan u'll leave cyrus behind... Dont call urself chota.. sweet dreams...

  10. 10. By chotacyrus  |  16 Mar 2005, 2:25pm

    @kranthi:U guys from the army really have an unhealthy obsession for health and fitness.Try doin what I do for a few days..believe me,u`ll feel so good:D

  11. 11. By jeez  |  17 Mar 2005, 1:27am

    you need to get laid

  12. 12. By fusion  |  17 Mar 2005, 2:08pm

    I am pretty sure u were fillig up the buckets, atleast not with the vodka.....

  13. 13. By chotacyrus  |  17 Mar 2005, 2:51pm

    @jeez:I`m waiting baby!
    @fusion:no idea abt what u are talking!.what 'bucket'??newayz thanx for leaving a comment.

  14. 14. By Jaan  |  21 Mar 2005, 12:23am

    Shetan kahi ke! Ladki ko aankh marta hain! Sharm nahi aate? *hehe* Go study already! Incidentally, I was listening to KK but that was last week, am in the punjabi songs phase now. *balle balle*

  15. 15. By jin  |  27 Nov 2005, 8:23pm

    too gud routine... not every1 is lucky like u....gr8 job..yaar pkt money kitna hai tera...

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