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chotacyrus | 31 March 2005, 7:50am

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 Isnt it sad that people tend to infer something about you by the date and time of your birth.Very few souls suffer as much as I do from this attitude of people.Well,cant blame them entirely for this..for I was born on the 31st of March..yeah,yeah I know I was almost born a fool!!


 Birthdays,nevertheless,have always been special to me,although my interpretation of a birthday has  been changing.When I was a kid,a birthday to me would mean choclates,gifts,cakes and all that stuff..,soon it meant going around with friends,boozing and mushy cards from girls.Strangely,it has been very different this time.It`s been a little introspection and serious thinking this time around(hmm..am I getting wiser with age??).Ofcourse,the booze will still flow by the gallons tonight,but what I am looking forward to is making a few changes to myself this year.

Some changes that I would like to bring about this year are:

1).Sleep before 2 in the morning

2).Wake up before 9 in the morning

3).Muster the courage to hold a girl by her hands,look into her eyes and then in the most romantic way say 'Kya tum mere bacchon ki maa banogi?'

4).More of smart work and even little hard work.

The ratio of smart work and hard-work in my life now is 90:10,with the hardwork(10%) being done by my friends and well-wishers(some people are just too good,aren`t they?:D)

5).Postpone the idea of postponing important things.

6).Learn to dance.The problem with me is that only my hands move when I am dancing and my feet dont move at all,and finally when they start moving,there is absolutely no co-ordination between my legs and hands.This is enough for my dancing partner to get pissed off.

Hope I rectify this thing this year atleast.

7).Stop writing 'fullyfaltoo' posts.


The last 365 days have been quite eventful on many fronts..my first vote,my first love and also me turning into a vegeterian.I wish this year is atleast half as fruitful as that.

Now,enough of this shit,for I think this is my worst ever post!And all you pious,pure people out there,please pray for me and bless me.I need all your blessings if I have to achieve any of the above mentioned 'challenges'.







Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: The sound of the phone ringing

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  1. 1. By RnJ  |  31 Mar 2005, 9:27am


  2. 2. By Jaan  |  31 Mar 2005, 12:01pm

    *echoes RnJ's comment* Awwww! My baby's all grown up! Hai, hai 16 and you come off so mature...good for you! Wow, 16 hmmm was a good year. And, dhyan se padho, no pataoing girls re! If you really need to, take a leaf out of K.Kumar's lyrics :D *sorry for long comment* HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

  3. 3. By sarat  |  31 Mar 2005, 2:56pm

    hi da.brilliant but i thought resolutions were taken on new year.again i might b wrong.go ahead pal .n njoy life.

  4. 4. By chotacyrus  |  31 Mar 2005, 11:14pm

    @RnJ:yeah man,I've grown up.I am 5'9 tall now.:D thanx for dropping by dood.
    @sarat:cant wait for the new year to make new resolutions.afterall,today is the first day of the rest of my life.isnt it?:D

  5. 5. By chotacyrus  |  31 Mar 2005, 11:30pm

    @meri Jaan:LOL!happy 16th birthday does not mean that I'm 16..it only means that the other bdays were just not 'HAPPY' ones.hehe.looks like April Fools day has arrived a lil early for u.and thanx for the wishes..had a wonderful day..except for a cpl of embarassing moments.and yeah,thanx for the long comment.:D

  6. 6. By Jaan  |  1 Apr 2005, 1:05am

    Yeah yeah :shit: I was going to ask whether this was true or not, but I am so nice and trusting. A prank on you! :lol:

  7. 7. By Abhi  |  1 Apr 2005, 10:55pm

    naam 'chotacyrus' aur kaam badon wali...watevr jus keep going...i guess u cud evr dance but if u pull along those hard-working hours a lil bit u cn do it very soon...n cn patao girls...

  8. 8. By Jaan  |  5 Apr 2005, 8:09pm

    OOh! A makeover for your blog, nice :D Makes it easy on the eyes! Keep Blogging.

  9. 9. By chotacyrus  |  5 Apr 2005, 8:37pm

    @abhi:will surely do.thanx for droppin in m8.

  10. 10. By kumar  |  23 Apr 2005, 8:05pm

    nice work dude. bout that girls matter b brave

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