A day since yesterday, an overnight transformation from a boyish prince to a handsome king. i think to myself what change has overcome me in just another ordinary day. This question eluded me forever. It remained an enigma. but i realised the naivity of society. its fidelity to the principles whcih define the very existence of mankind. but if not for the defiance, would mankind have been what it is today? I wonder elusively.

18- the twilight between the passing dusk and long long arcane night whose darkness evades tomorrow from today. At this point on this day, i feel no different. Then how come I am recogonised as a man? how much could i have changed in one day? How mature could i have become? Then i realise it is just a naivity of society...

Yesterday, society deemed me unfit to stand on my own feet, dependent on my parents, outcast from responsibility and referred to as a minor. But all of a sudden, I feel a burden, an added responsibility... no a vision of responsibility magnified since yesterday.

Society recogonises me but it is the ones who are most relevant to me that don't, they still view me as they did yesterday. On this day, at this moment i feel a little too old to be a little too young.

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