Summer time is approaching and most children look forward to their grand vacation (some in a foreign land, playing with snow or cruising the blue seas). Me on the other hand, looking for some good ole quiet time at home, time to myself, with my family, talking chatting and discussing tons of stuff... :)
I'll be waiting until the time I have to go back to school! Good Bye Work and hello B-School! :D
Yes, I did make it through the interview I described and so did my brother.. Of course my brother will be going to greener pastures! A diff B-school in a diff land! :)
Although it is faar, although it will be a long time for which I will be away from all the people I know, I am not worried about that now.. All I am thinking about is my lovely vacation! Good ole Hyd!
I want my vacation before I go Back to School!! :D Gonna make the most of it! :D Maybe I'll write a book! ;)

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