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The end of the 4 year holiday!!

chotacyrus | 28 April 2005, 11:02pm

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Hi folks..

Couldnt post for a long,long time..for,I was a little busy with my exams.One more exam and that`s it-the end of the 4-year holiday people call as engineering(Hope u remember my earlier post!).Really will miss these days of unrestrained  merry-making.People keep asking me if I would be free after these exams..but little do they realize that things are going to only get tougher.I sure am going to come back from college with a  heavy heart on the 30th.However,I am planning to leave a few things back at the college-things that I picked up here and wouldn't like to carry along with me for the rest of my life.The most important things in the list being complacency and procrastination.These are two things that almost every other engineering college in AP would equip you with.With deadlines that are always being extended,with half the class appearing for the supplementary exam along with you,with lecturers who knew as little as you did,with the watering hole right opposite the college looking more appealing than the dull,drab lectures at college and most importantly with friends who have no idea of why they are in college,I guess becoming lazy and complacent is all but natural.

This,I think is the case with most of the engineering colleges here in AP.I am not really sure if an academically-challenged person like me can blame the previous Government for giving permission to so many colleges(about 200 of them in AP) and bringing the quality of education down to an unprecented low.Infact,there are a few dozen engineers in our colony alone.Whenever I try hitting the dog outside my house with a stone,it invariably ends up hitting an engineer.Lucky,I didn

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  1. 1. By Ash  |  29 Apr 2005, 12:14am

    Graduations are like stepping through
    A veil into another, larger room.
    Behind, where we can never go again,
    Are memories like a shipwreck full of gold....
    Have a bright future!!!!

  2. 2. By jayaraj  |  29 Apr 2005, 5:07am

    baatein bhool jathe hain...
    yaadein yaad aati hain..
    It's sad that the vacation is all over dude:(...I wish u the best for your future!!

  3. 3. By Big B  |  29 Apr 2005, 9:21am

    You are getting better by the day! I am sure it is your brother who has taught you all this good English over the years :-)

  4. 4. By chotacyrus  |  29 Apr 2005, 10:20am

    @Ash:nice one that:)..thankoo
    @Jayaraj:thankoo..thankoo yeah feel a lil sad that its over:D..newayz had fun while I was abt it:D
    @Big B:very true..will continue to accept everything u say as long as I keep getting pocket-money;)

  5. 5. By Kannan  |  29 Apr 2005, 11:25am

    Speaking with experience, I believe that one can continue to do merrymaking even after engg.(yeah that's true :D) When u start working , it basically boils down to your attitude and depending on the type of life u wish to life you can work accordingly ;-) Anywayz BOL for ur Google pursuit and hope to see u above me (No double meanings ;-))

  6. 6. By sonali  |  29 Apr 2005, 11:59am

    I am at a loss for words to tell u how much impressed i am! Good, keep it up lilbaby!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. 7. By chotacyrus  |  1 May 2005, 8:35am

    @sonali:I`m glad u liked it.keep dropping by:)
    @kannan:thanx dood..and I agree with u..having fun with one`s money isnt that bad either:D

  8. 8. By kranthi  |  1 May 2005, 6:02pm

    good work man.. few of the gr8 blogs.. i have ever read.. go onnn..

  9. 9. By Abhishek  |  6 May 2005, 9:16pm

    Hey MAN! You r getting better n better with the lenght of time u have started writing these guddies. Good work! Keep going DUDE.

  10. 10. By uRmad  |  7 May 2005, 6:46pm

    Now...THAT is some bigtime cribbing ;) MAN, thank your stars u've picked up *something* at least ;)

  11. 11. By chotacyrus  |  8 May 2005, 7:48am

    @abhi,kranthi:Thanx a lot ppl.words like these keep me going.
    @uRmad:Man..I havent mentioned the most important thing I`ll be picking up from college..my FIRST CLASS Degree.:D:D(just managed to cross 60%)..but cant help cribbing a lil..maybe u arn't aware of the pathetic state of affairs@engg colleges in AP..I know of a poultry farm-turned-engg college(in Warangal).LOL!but newayz my college wasnt that bad either and yeah,I had fun there.

    P.S:That poultry-farm-turned-engg-college has a building of its own now.:D:D

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