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Real happiness!(the edited,updated version!)

chotacyrus | 14 May 2005, 12:29am

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 Hello folks!Couldnt post for a long,long time as I was busy doing nothing,as usual!I read the awesome book 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' when I got a break from the busy schedule.I got a lot of 'gyaan' from the book.Must say the book rocks!The author,in one of the chapters,talks about how we often lose ourselves in the pursuit of life`s 'bigger' goals and totally forget the small,little things that make life so wonderful!Here`s a compilation of all of the small,little things I really enjoy.These will be things I`ll always cherish maybe even when I grow more deranged.So here`s the list:


1).The smell of mud when it rains all of a sudden in the hot summer..man,doesnt it feel like heaven.


2).Eating hot pakodas/manchuria when it is raining heavily outside.


3).Recieving a birthday card from somebody who you thought forgot you.


4).The feeling I get after helping someone who'z desparately in need..the feeling of being a COMPLETE MAN(heard of it elsewhere?;))


5).Browsing thru` my childhood pics and then feel I was so cute when I was a little kid.


6).Go to the nearest chat-bandar and eat pani-puris like there`s no tomorrow..and then after eating all that I can,ask for some more,this time with 'meeta' and more 'pyaaz'.


7).Having a dal-chawal dinner with my family.


8).Going to a place of worship before every bloody exam and then come back feeling comforted and re-assured,every single time.(surprised to see this side of me!!esp after me having mentioned VODKA some 100 times in this blog..well,if there was no God,how would I get all that;) )


9).The joy of the new hot-chick on my messenger buzzing me first and me just saying 'yeah..what?'..some triumph here,eh?!


10).The joy of seeing comments being posted on my blog at some odd-hour on earth!


11.The joy one experiences in some of those

Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: Hyd blues-2

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  1. 1. By prats  |  14 May 2005, 12:38am

    ooh thats kool stuff but this time u sounded a bit oo hatke from ur usual but change is always for better.continue.go on.

  2. 2. By jayaraj  |  14 May 2005, 12:43am

    u r right buddy..everybody has lil' things to feel happy about in life to make them happy..iam sure many of us share the same feeling!!

  3. 3. By Ash  |  14 May 2005, 9:28am

    Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open!!!
    Nice to knoe most of us feel the same!!

  4. 4. By chotacyrus  |  15 May 2005, 6:34pm

    @prats:thanx a lot dood..will agree with you that this post is a lil 'hatke' from the earlier ones..maybe I was not my usual vulgar self here:D:D
    @jayaraj:yeah buddy..everybody`s got these lil things that make them happy..and I guess most of these things are common..will come with 10 more of these things in this same post.keep coming here;)
    @Ash:why keep doors closed..open 'em all lady.Cheers!

  5. 5. By Black 'Ping!' Wizard  |  16 May 2005, 10:38am

    Good stuff man. Totally agree with what you said.

  6. 6. By Bimbette  |  16 May 2005, 11:46am

    Good ones. I kinda endorse them too! :-) I would have added the following too,
    * Yapping on the ph with a good friend.
    * Making a spontaneous plan of catching a movie or meeting up with old pals
    * The smell of paint or petrol
    * The sight of an ever-smiling person
    * U being witness to random acts of kindness, even better, if you've done the same for someone.

  7. 7. By sonali  |  16 May 2005, 2:51pm

    Waiting for the next list!!!!!!

  8. 8. By chotacyrus  |  16 May 2005, 4:20pm

    @BW:thanx for dropping by m8.
    @Bimbette:good points u made.Will add some of them to my own list.but am not sure of the petrol thingie..kerosene is better anyday!loved the smell when I was a lil kid;)phir bhi,'to each his own'.Wat say?

  9. 9. By chotacyrus  |  16 May 2005, 4:22pm

    @bimbette:leave ur url here if u have got a blog of ur own.

  10. 10. By rocking rahul  |  17 May 2005, 11:45pm

    thats cool man ...but i dint got who's ur first crush...

  11. 11. By fusion  |  20 May 2005, 11:53am

    Hey buddy! how much will u pay me if I visit ur blog regularly, LUCKY ARUN.....LOL

  12. 12. By enigma  |  28 May 2005, 7:02pm

    kya bhai tumhein itna different blogga likhete, doosronko thoda mouka dou, sarre itemaa tumkoeeich experiencehai vaisa leekhtay...phit bhi aiyee dost tereko aur tere blog ko salaam, mere bhi kuch beete pal yaad aagaye....

  13. 13. By Manish  |  3 Jun 2005, 2:14pm

    Nice post buddy..
    Me just bought this book some time back.. But had not started it yet.. Now after this post I have picked up the book again..:-)

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