YAYYYY!! exams are finally over! feeling RREEEEAALL tired.. damn tired
*battles the ZEE monster* abish! abish! ohkayy, that was stupid..
today.. went shopping! more of WINDOW-shopping though.. (we're poor! except for somebody la huhh.. got so much money) so this was what we did today after school.. i dont understand why im so damn tired..ok so here is how it goes....
~Stop no. 1 : dees' house
Stop no. 2 : parco bugis [but it smelt TOOOO ahs-y so we went off]
Stop no. 3 : far east plaza [thought it would be safe till the ahs-y smell came back]
Stop no. 4 : scotts [it rained so we went in to take a rest]
hahah, i wouldnt type all the details out.. that's kinda lame.. and its tiring.. (im feeling tired remember?)

*a must say*
we took a neoprint! it was so FUNNY! the machine was in japanese and we know nuts about it.. our faces were real DISTORTED! that's the way to take pictures! "LET'S GET DISTORTED EH HEY, LET'S GET DISTORTED EH HA!" so we decorated the pictures but we ended up destroying then instead.. until -duhms miraculously pressed something! AHH.. damn funny.. damn tired.. damn tired...

Conclusion : Shopping drains energy! damn tired.. im never going to shop ever again.. YA RIGHTTT! u're talking to a true blue shopaholic! but its tiring being one sometimes.. hahah, damn tired...

duhms signing out~ 2212, 17thmay, tuesday

damn tired...

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