hey man. 1st time bloggin over here. whoohoo had a great day. sum prob with the neoprint machine though.
everyth i can sae is saed by them.

i tried to go on like i nv knew you;
i'm awake when the world is half asleep.
i pray for this heart to be unbroken;
but without you all i'm goin to be is


he is like so damn cute

im so tired.
so sick.
of wat i seem to be on the surface.
noone sees; noone bothers
to see whats deep inside
bedazzled by everythin that besieges me;
teeteerin on the edge of life;
you don't see the the tears within
behind these iridescent eyes
you don't see
whats lurkin behind this facade of gaiety..

...comin back soon,
win dees

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: pop