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Angst and Ennui

28 May, 2005 @ 5:08pm | General

Old man Ares

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: dido


[No Subject] | Posted by Fa

You might wanna ditch that coat of pretence. Expose your kids to the bright glare of honesty. I'm thinkin' if it worked with vampires, it might work here. or, be like those nice parents who leave their kids on somebody else's doorstep... abandon.

aaaaanyway. I came to bow down to your words. They have entertained me muchly.

@ 5:26pm, 28 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by Aran

Ok, here I am too then because when she bows, I stand behind her and stare at her ass. Kick too. Abandon kathey! What is the world coming to.

Oh, and hail George! That was mighty fine indeed.

@ 6:33pm, 28 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by jawj

Fa- of the deodorant fame? what would the address of your doorstep be? i'ld gladly abandon them there.. gift wrap them too :)
Aran friend i have spent many hours trying to figure out which, is your blog. i've failed. enlighten.

@ 4:24pm, 29 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by kps

like everything u have written.. brilliant. i really enjoy reading your posts

@ 4:38pm, 29 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by Aran

I'm sorry there's going to be no enlightening. My blog is dead. RIP. May '04 - December '04.

@ 5:59pm, 29 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by Fa

Aran, child.. abandon is a nice way to live. You know, like how you abandoned your blog. You even killed it. Shame.

Jawj(of the jawngle??), I know, I keep making that deo famous. For all the wrong reasons. Please to not be leaving your bastard children on my doorstep, I have enough of my own. Maybe you would like some of mine. We could start an exchange program.

Give me the gift wrapping though.

@ 9:55pm, 29 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by JAW- G

kps: I thank you. It is deeply gratifying to be of the knowledge that ones rumblings of the head on the blog finds an appreciative nod somewhere :)
Aran: Awfully terrible news man. I vote for a revival. bring back the dead i say. get old lazarus up and running.
Fa: Ur children u keep & i'll keep mine. but do share secrets of bringing em up. I'ld be willing to give a lot more than gift wrapping for the knowledge

@ 1:39pm, 30 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by Aran

Fa, I didn't abandon. I put it out of its misery. It's a kind thing to do.

Hmmm george... the dead don't come back. :(

@ 3:42pm, 30 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by fa

That's where you are going wrong. You should stop thinkin that they need to be brought up. Kill 'em, snuff them out before they start asking for pocket money and the latest Benz.

For that, I do have nice lil plans. Pick your favorite and that one gets to die quickily.

Why is your name so fickle? Must it change from george to jawj to JAW-G?

@ 4:24pm, 30 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by kps

u are welcome, anytime. i consider it my duty to egg on talent.
egg egg georgie

@ 2:43pm, 31 May 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by subliminalGuru

Good again.

@ 2:51am, 1 Jun 2005

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