Things we say we dont mean , things we mean we dont say

When all else fails who will be there

to see us through this time of night

hurt the ones who care ,

make them see what is not there

when all there is , is a ever-lasting hope of re-union

Push them far away, push them far again

never to take them back and get over that silly mistake

that which you dont even remember.

y is it that we find it difficult to let go of the ones we love

and think twice of taking it all back when all you want is that

forgiveness is not a virtue of the great or the noble

it is just another quality overshadowed by our egos

like so much else , we forget to forgive ,

to forget the pain , to forget the memories ,

to forget every single moment of ecstacy

when all we need to do is forget to forget ,to forgive.

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