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The Lt. who chucked his US visa!

chotacyrus | 14 July 2005, 12:56pm


  < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />6 June 2004:A lean dude walks out of the US Consulate,Chennai,with his VISA being granted. 

  21 June 2004:The same dude is now granted admission into the prestigious Indian Military Academy,Dehradun.

  An extremely tough decision for anybody to make-choosing between dollar dreams and a long cherished personal goal.The decision however was easy for  him as he let his heart decide,and then unfolded an eventful journey.From pedalling all his way to Bhavan's on his sister's bicycle to learning to ride  military tanks,from his carefree days  at CBIT to the extremely tough training regimen at IMA,from those days of cribbing about walking all the way to the bus-stop to being the person who would run dozens of miles at one go,it certainly has been quite an extraordinary journey!!This guy is now a proud commissioned officer of the Indian Army.

But like any other achievement worth its salt,this one was too was not easy to achieve.To wake up everyday at a time when other youngsters go to sleep after partying,to exercise in extreme climatic conditions,to camp in a jungle for weeks together,to be determined to run a dozen more miles just when the thought of being completely exhausted has crossed the mind(and a lot more things that cannot be mentioned in a public blog) are all things that need tons of passion,perseverance and mental strength.Ragging too was not discouraged at the academy as it was supposed to make the cadets mentally tougher.That the already slim guy lost close to 10kgs in the first 2-3 months is an indication how physically demanding the course at IMA was.

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However,all this had to pay-off someday..and 11 June it was,when he would get rewarded for all the hardwork he had put in.The passing out parade is is the day that every Gentleman Cadet(GC) waits eagerly for..when he would become a proud Lieutenant.The passing out parade in front of the historic Chetwode Hall,the oath-taking ceremony,the pipping ceremony and all this being watched by the his proud parents with moist eyes are  all things that would make this day the most memorable one for every GC(and I thot a six-pack was the best thing that could happen to a GC there!) 

All you candidates of the IMA,take a bow!


Current Mood: Patriotic
Current Music: Kandhon se kandhe..Lakshya

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  1. 1. By Sarat  |  14 Jul 2005, 10:31pm

    great post.ur best to date what with all that funny stuff.this one was definitely worth reading.hopefully i can learn a lesson :)

  2. 2. By Sandeep  |  14 Jul 2005, 11:21pm

    Hey Kranthi!!!!!
    Salutes to you

  3. 3. By Vamsee (SeH)  |  15 Jul 2005, 1:30am

    Chote(Cyrus).....Kranthi ko meri taraf se SALUTE kar dena.... bhaiii

  4. 4. By sonali  |  15 Jul 2005, 12:02pm

    Was looking forward to this post for quite some time now. What else do i say....thnx a lotttt lilbabyy. Good one!!

  5. 5. By Aish  |  15 Jul 2005, 12:58pm

    Tough Roads Lead To Height Of GreatNess!! Hatoff to Kranthi!!

  6. 6. By chotacyrus  |  15 Jul 2005, 2:21pm

    @sonali,sarat,sandeep,aish and SeH:thanx for dropping by and leaving comments..thank you!

  7. 7. By maverick  |  15 Jul 2005, 3:45pm

    mera bharat mahan jai hind....

  8. 8. By prats  |  15 Jul 2005, 11:48pm

    salute to kranti.blog is awesome.i found my LAKSHYA now.

  9. 9. By Ram  |  16 Jul 2005, 2:36am

    if only we had a few more like Kranthi...

  10. 10. By Sri Harsha  |  16 Jul 2005, 11:25am

    hey..gr8 determination shown by the Lt.Salutes to Kranti..all the best for the future Major Saab

  11. 11. By fusion  |  17 Jul 2005, 11:27am

    Standing ovation for u and kranthi, great blog,great personality....

  12. 12. By kranthi  |  17 Jul 2005, 7:48pm

    wow..gr8ly written.. gud u remember everythin.. i never knew i was soo gr8. good going...

  13. 13. By Satish  |  17 Jul 2005, 10:23pm

    Really keen to meet the Lieutenant ....all salutations to this KRANTIKAAR

  14. 14. By kodi_kura  |  28 Jul 2005, 2:56pm

    Kranthi, Everyone will be proud of you for taking great decision. Good luck and Salutes to you

  15. 15. By Ramesh  |  7 Sep 2005, 2:54pm

    Hey kranthi, amazing decision to throw away US visa and join the army. i salute you. Great day for the indian army to have such a selfless person among them! however,
    i am gonna beat you in this coz i am planning to join the army after my Bachelors, which i am presently pursuing at texas, US. i am gonna apply for Short Service Commission (Technical) by next march. (I shall be graduating by may 2007). wish me luck! and all the best to you!

  16. 16. By chotacyrus  |  8 Sep 2005, 2:25pm

    @Ramesh:felt really nice on reading ur comment!well,kranthi rite now has been posted at a place where access to the net is a little difficult.anyways,will convey this msg to him.All the very best to you!
    keep dropping by!

  17. 17. By john  |  8 Sep 2005, 9:18pm

    gr8 decision kranthi. i dont know what i wud do in such a situation but the indian spirit never dies. to do something for the country is really very satisfying. good luck kranthi.

  18. 18. By Manas  |  9 Sep 2005, 9:26am

    When will you join the Indian army?

  19. 19. By avinash verma  |  20 Sep 2005, 8:57pm

    hello to all the jawaans . i just want to passionate like u.

  20. 20. By NISHANT PAIK  |  24 Sep 2005, 10:45am

    Well,I am passout student of engineering.I am not doing well academically.I still have to face ten of my backlogs.My condition is pathetic but still there is feeling that I can do much better in army.So I kindly request U to suggest something to me.Iwill clear all my backlogs by March 2006& my age is 23.Wating for your reply.
    From NISHANT

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