Jasz "The Spammer" A | 18/05/2004, 22:43 hrs

The last few days have been really boring on FullHyd. Except the Hitlist thread where the mods and a few of their aides fucked my happiness, all threads were but a blur to me.

Another awesome thread was the Kill Bill thread that I mentioned in the previous post. It is in threads like those that I think lies the essence of DB's. Not in the punk-ass "I am Srinivas and want to meet babes" threads that have invaded the boards.

People blame spammers like Azazel and me for the decreasing quality of the discussions. Atleast we keep the board moving. Look at the threads from 6 months ago, replies were posted 2days after the threads began

Another thing that really gets on my nerves are all these stoopid blogs that have been pretty active the last few days. Like I said earlier, who the FUCK wants to be a part of your misery. Are blogs all about writing shitass experiences of yours? Are blogs all about using 8+letter words and rants. These guys rant so much that it gives me a bonafide headache. I dont give a horse's ass if you can give gaalis to goondas on the roads. I dont care if you hate exams. I dont care if you have nothing in your head to write. Fuck all you boring baseless bloggers. And they called bloggin the next form of literature.

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  1. i don't understand, dude - why do you crib about what other people write on their blogs? what i put on my blog is my prerogative. it's MY damn blog. who doesn't like it doesn't read it. these are not public forums, they are not supposed to entertain you, and you are not paying for it. if i am in the mood for popularity and recognition, i'll try to be witty and make my blog rise in the popularity charts, else i'll stick to my personal ramblings. it's my choice. what gave you the feeling that people HAVE to write to entertain you? a blog is its owner's private property.

    for me, blogging is a form of self-discovery. when i sit to blog, i think and analyse my feelings, actions and perceptions, and try to improve. it is only when i write that i actually pro-actively and structuredly think about my life. it's not for YOU.

    posts like this one of yours actually make people think that they are doing something wrong by writing about their life and their experiences on their blogs, when that is actually one of the biggest and most rewarding activity on blogs (>95% of all blogs are personal - check out any of the other popular blog sites). and even people who maintain blogs on esoteric subjects have personal blogs.

    i have found some very interesting blogs on this site - i didn't know this city had so many intelligent people. and all the blogs that i have liked are personal blogs - people writing about their thoughts and their experiences. i enjoy and i learn from them.

  2. I agree with Jasz as well as as PP (aka aloque, i guess). Good point PP.

    However, Jasz is right in saying that there are some really crappy ones out there..... if you wanna a sample one, click here. (Nice marketing job done ;) ) As for the other samples, i'll leave it to guesses ;)

  3. And Jasz, a direct feedback to you :)

    If you can write something like this and pass it off as a blog (next form of literature????), then 'they' are entitled to write what they did and pass it off too :D Peace!

  4. Like PP said it's my blog and I write what I feel like. When I'm in a good mood I like these blogs, when I'm pissed or frustrated or hungover, these thngs piss me off.
    I've discovered that I can be a real asshole when I'm in a bad mood.
    Good point about the literature JLU.

  5. no JLU, wrong as usual :). i mean, the aloque bit. jasz, this is indeed your blog and you can write whatever you feel like, but why write stuff denigrating fellow bloggers for doing what they like? and i'm sorry for being too strong...

    BTW, JLU, that blog is one of the good ones i've seen. i follow it, too...

  6. Hey Jasz:

    We'd never do something like, er, whatevering your happiness. And who are our aides? We have always been on your side, and will continue till the end of time (and after that, we'll still offer you a discount for 10 more years on support, though spares will be charged extra). When you are in the dumps, we'll pull you out. When you are faced by goons, we'll beat them up. When you're not prepared for an examination, we'll write it up. We'll pluck the stars out of the skies for you, we'll cross the seven oceans for you (including Bay Of Bengal and Arabian Sea), we'll sing the sweetest lullabies for you, we'll battle Nature itself for you... As a start, the next 1,000 page views of fullhyd.com are dedicated to you. Cheers!

  7. In case you didn't notice, you were doing a bit of ranting yourself there, mate...and you had the freedom to do it.
    I've seen some REAL shitty blogs reading like diaries. In my book, that's a waste really, but it's that person's choice. A person who can appreciate QT is probably capable of far better than this.
    I completely agree with PP. Couldn't have said it better.
    Snap out of it, Jasz.

  8. Neurotron.you hit the nail bang on the target. Isn't it mighty stupid of me to rant about rants? But then again I was drunk. I wanted to talk about the blogs like the one you mentioned.

    Moving on, what's this shit about expecting better from a QT fan? How can you judge me based on that.
    PS I love these mods. They're really funny.

  9. Visit Neurotron

    Of course I can judge you based on being a QT fan, being one myself. Can't have one of us giving the wrong image of the guild now, can we? We belong to an elite race, my friend. Act it! ;-)Cmon..nose in the air..higher..
    Come to think of it, one can judge another based on ANYthing, don't u think?

  10. oh, u were drunk. Right, that settles that, then! Most anything can (should) be forgiven on those grounds..

  11. oops...looks like i got here after everyone got all amicable. so you were drunk ja/p, were you?
    not too drunk to forget your own kill bill thread, not too drunk to pimp (typo? i don't think so) some more air into your own hot air balloon?
    dbs are thataway boy.
    and dear jlu, i ain't no pp. though he/she said a lot of things i'd have liked to say.

  12. hehahahhaha!

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