Hyderabad will become next Banglore if infrastructure is not improved.

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Posted by bornhyderabadi | 23/09/2005 19:04

will take few mins to intro myself, I used to blog regularly on fullhyd almost an year ago, just got busy so could not catch up. Man lot of things have changed here, but I sincerly believe its a very good medium for self expression, hope I would continue to blog regularly from here on and hoping to have a good time.

Now to the topic I want to start, although Hyderabad started late on IT bandwagon, but its done pretty well to find a place among top cities, but of late things are falling apart and I have a feeling it won't be long before IT bigwigs would start thinking of shunning HYD the way they are doing to Banglore, I hope many will share my view....

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  1. Posted by Pavan
    15 Oct 2005, 11:32pm

    boss, this topic has been beaten up time and again in all the newspapers you can think of...I think people are fed up discussing... its time to just give a break and see if the MCH and our Netas do something...

  2. Posted by Manas
    30 Oct 2005, 12:18am

    First of all..... you change your font man. If the font is not good and not large enough, it will be difficult to read......ok naa?

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