what the fuck can you get done in 30 minutes ... nothing thats worth doing ... all good stuff needs time to get done ... 30 mins is a rather insignificant amount of time... simply because nothing good gets done within half an hour (yes nothing ,foreplay counts... :) )
so why the fuck have a 30 minute session timeout? i typed lots of crap out .. and its gone dickhead.yes yes , there's a warning there but who the hell reads warnings.. if i heeded all the warnings that came my way id be out earning millions and having orgies instead of sitting at home ,farting in front of my computer..

anyway,ive got to start looking for a job from today ... been getting blasted by family about being a worthless layabout ... so will start searching from ..... now.
any ideas anyone? a job for 2 months..
i'd thought about being an apprentice at a motorcycle mechanic ..my dad laughed .. real hard.
i guess ill go to some call center or something .. become some tech-support-monkey-boy..
adios ... off to trawl the streets of banjara hills ,searching for visa pimps...

visa date update: the earliest date has come to feb 3 from feb 6th ... woohoo , some titty somewhere's cancelled ...
and its pouring outside ... cant go by bike .. fakk

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