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30 Oct 2005

style or sex?

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 2:34pm

so i was bored the otherday and decided to watch trash the other day, and what better trash than ZOOM, ya know the channel that says, "isse dekho" as though it was trying to seduce you.

so there was this awards show or something, and everyone's comments were being asked. i felt it was complete bullshit. you know how all the stars go like style is what your comfortable in? man thats soo full of shit. NO ONE and i mean no one strands by that, trust me for girls, style is what gets the other guys the woody, and for guys style is what gets the girls in their pants. thats all there is to it.

anyways, so one question that was being asked to one and all, was a comment on sex and style.

cyrus broacha:two things i dont have(u behave this way and u'll remain that way man)

some other soap opera comedian: style requires 2 where as sex requires only one.( yeah if u r having sex with your toilet seat)

nikhil chinappa: some thing that can never be stylish. taking off a used condom.(umm ok so now we kow u r taking ecstasy)

jaaved jaafri: style and sex are like doodh and pani( funny, thats the first time i've heard it put that way)

some other socialite: style gets you as lot of sex, but too mch of it can be a bother (sex or style?)

theres lots more from where this came from, but i dont have the time to sit on my ass and type it all for ya. so  mez off now.



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  1. By Balu

    30 Oct 2005, 2:59pm [ Reply ]

    Whatever it may be

  2. By rishabh

    30 Oct 2005, 8:27pm [ Reply ]

    i see

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