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2 Nov 2005

"apparently their cock walks right through the door"

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 7:15pm

so i thin system of a down's nuts. i mean they're just so bizzare,whether bizzare good or bad, that i've stll not decided, but one thying is for sure, when they're playing, u just keep listening to them, real loud. They're irresistable.
They're latest single "cigaro" has some weird lyrics.
check ths out..
"My cock is much bigger than yours,
My cock can walk right through the door
With a feeling so pure..
It's got you screaming for more".

and wait, there'more

"My shit stinks much better than yours,
My shit stinks right down through the floor.
With a feeling so pure,
It's got you coming back for more".

an if ya thought it ends there,

"Can't you see that I love my cock?
Can't you see that you love my cock?
Can't you see that we love my cock?"

so all i could say after listening to it was
these guys get a make ove for like every album, n guess what they're from armenia. I think this is armenia's first rock band. I doubt if they're migrants or barbarians, but their music seems to be rockng the world so who the hell cares.
anyways, thats all for now

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  1. By rock_26iin

    4 Nov 2005, 5:58pm [ Reply ]

    If u like that sorta stuff, check out Blink 182, they've got lyrics like that too

  2. By rishabh

    9 Nov 2005, 4:11am [ Reply ]

    lol u make me look like a sex offender. but yea i havn't heard much of blink 182. will do so

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