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9 Nov 2005

being the moderator

Posted by rishabh in General | 5:32pm

my cousin, came ova here for her diwali vacations with my nani(her dadi, since she'z my mom's bro's daughter). i t had been nearly 3 years since i met her. back then we were'nt all that cordial, and the convos between us would be minimal, and i'd be soooo pissed with each and every thing she did. it was awful. but now its all straightened out. we are really the close pals and she calls me very often and likewise. so naturally i was very excited about her comning here. when she came, i realised she brought trouble with her. HER CELL PHONE.
Aiite here's the deal.
my cuz is also pursuing the JEE dream like me, and she got all her assignments and shit and she was asking for my help. anyways, after a while we took a break and were just talking bout stuff. she then told me bout her this one pal who apparently isnt that bright and isnt much of a looker either. now her pal has a crush on this topper dude. so i decided to listen to my sis and her pal's conversation thru the other land line. god this girl is so despo. first of all shez eternally bored. you know the typer who say " i'm bored yaar, nothing to do". well if she wasnt this horny for this one guy, maybe shed actually have something to do. the problem with these types of people is that they expect too much from life. they want to be surprised every god damn second of their life. they think that everyone else are the court jesters and its their job to entertain them. jeez man, anyways, after a while "I" got really bored of their crap, so i slammed the phone. but that wasn't the end. this pal confessed over SMS to my cuz bout the guess, but it was quite obvious anywyas. what followed next was a weird convoy of 50 SMS. the usual sob and will he-wont he crap filled with shud i shudnt i crap too and lots of if's and buts' and what if's and the likes. man, people can be such losers at times. i told me cuz screw her, tis her problem, but them me cuz was also this nightingale sorta person, and she wanted to help and stuff.so her entire day would be spent in being this love advisor person, man i've been thru that crap its a pain being the moderator. coz both the parties are so dumb. man i wish people just get real and accept the fact that at 16 u r not in love, u are just too horny. the faster we accept the truth, the better for us.

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  1. By Luca_brasi

    10 Nov 2005, 5:23am [ Reply ]

    Dont really know whats worse, you listening to other's conversations, or u thinking that system of a down are wierd.

  2. By rishabh

    10 Nov 2005, 7:43am [ Reply ]

    naw the listening to the convo was pre planned, my cuzin was the one who wanted me on the other land line, and as for system of a down, yes they are weird, but i still listen to them

  3. By June

    2 Dec 2005, 9:25pm [ Reply ]

    id still have to say, n say loud 'Evesdroppin is a crime!.'

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