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11 Nov 2005

spell it

Posted by rishabh in General | 3:40pm

you know its so weird that almost no one knows the spelling of the word weird. i know i sound paranoid, and prolly i am, but then this is really odd. at first i thought it was a typo, but later i realise that almost everyone spells weird as wierd. yea that is weird. so what have learnt today???
W E I R D.
so doesn't that make you feel good about your self since you learnt something new today? or maybe you just wanna stick your finger up my ass. eitherways is fine.in the words of the great Forrest Gump,"Thats all that i've got to say bout that"

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  1. By wayoflife

    12 Nov 2005, 3:34am [ Reply ]

    "you know its so weird that almost know one knows the spelling of the word weird"...first of all its NOT "KNOW ONE KNOWS" but "NO one knows"...maybe you should concentrate on your mistakes first before commenting on everyone else's. And secondly, whats with full hyd??? Its also going the cheap way. I just got an ad with a woman showing cleavage and the photo focussing on JUST THAT and the ad saying, we are bursting at seams to talk to you???????? What kind of an ad is this??? Man!!! India is going to the dogs...trust me. India is probably worse than any other county I've been to. Nobody puts up ads like these where they know kids are gonna see it too. Sheesh...And I thought fullhyd was the last one remaining with some decency...and whats with all the personal info they are asking about and making it compulsary for us while signing up??? I am regretting siging up with full hyd now...its putting me off from blogging...

  2. By rishabh

    12 Nov 2005, 5:22am [ Reply ]

    you know what u r right, i should first correct my mistakes and then bitch bout others, so i'll change know to "no". can't believe i made that, cant even call it a typo, must've slipped my mind. thanks again. no hard feelings!

  3. By wayoflife

    12 Nov 2005, 5:35am [ Reply ]

    Thank you for taking my comment on your mistake nicely..i don't think i was very nice about it...anyway...

  4. By rishabh

    12 Nov 2005, 4:37pm [ Reply ]

    i see u feel quite strogly on this issue, anyways, its just a ad, but yea full hyd is quite a decent site and shouldnt have all this.

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