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14 Nov 2005


Posted by rishabh in Music | 9:10pm

dunno what to write bout, so will just write the ten songs that i've been listening to the most lately

scars-papa roach

baby one more time-marty casey

american badass-kid rock

wish you were here-marty casey(i found it betta than the original)


photograph-nickelback(from their newest album, will write more bout that laterz)

cigaro-system of a down(already mention its name in a post b4,:)

broken-the punisher OST (anything with amylee lee in it man)

lonely no more: by that matchbox twenty guy, whats his name again, ah rob thomas

have a nice day-bonjovi(that smiling sticker is stuck in me head man)


Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: lol-what the fuck dya think i wrote bout rite now?

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