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26 Nov 2005

a comment on movies

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 9:59pm

i think that movies that have less or no songs are better. sarkar was a step in the right direction, though the "govinda govinda" music did get on one's nerve.
i also hate movies, where are songs are moby-esque. let me explain that. i call those songs moby -esque, when one phrase or a couple of words are repeated again and again, and that covers most of the song. the one that immediately come to mind is "mangala mangala mangala mangala magala mangala ho!". and another recent one, which i find really really annoying and fucking pisses me off is "taj mahal". its like, during the promos, all they say is tajmahal like 10 times and show ppl fighting, quite absurd if ya ask me.
anyways, laterz, g2g now
peace !

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