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2 Apr 2006


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:04pm

I dream!
I dream when there is no hope
I dream of that virtual future
I dream of those hazy eyes
I dream of my life through them.

I dream!
I dream of the forgettable past
I dream of a painful sacrifise
I dream of a total eclipse
I dream of the moon.

I dream!
I dream to wake up one day
I dream of those caring arms
I dream to wipe her pain
I dream of an acid rain.

I dream!
I dream of that one moment
I dream for a life
I dream of the remains I am
I dream of being forgotten.



Current Mood: Cold
Current Music: James Blunt

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  1. By June

    2 Apr 2006, 10:55pm [ Reply ]

    I dream!
    I dream of a poetic soul
    I dream of precious smiles
    I dream of perfect extol
    I dream, and yet have miles

    :).. like yer stuff ..somehow :)

  2. By Diva

    3 Apr 2006, 10:27am [ Reply ]

    Awesome, June....just the way i like it.

  3. By Zombie

    5 Apr 2006, 2:59am [ Reply ]

    Macha...I thought and thought and thought as to what i should post here...i will say this and nothing else..."Its time for us to stop being gentlemen"...

    June: Nice stuff...

  4. By Diva

    5 Apr 2006, 2:21pm [ Reply ]

    Zombie: Ever heard about "once bitten, twice shy"...i guess we are "once bitten, shameless forever"..hehehe!

  5. By June

    5 Apr 2006, 11:36pm [ Reply ]

    thnku guys... :D

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