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6 Apr 2006

The Daily Chronicles!

Posted by Divakar in General | 7:03pm

Coffee with newspaper,
A ten minute drive to work.

An artificial smile,
a forceful "good morning".

A chain of emails,
the reluctant responses.

A google toolbar,
and a yahoo messenger.

The smile for the day,
at the status "Available/Idle".

Managing a set of projects,
a bunch of workbooks.

An unwanted meeting,
discussions with dummies.

Lunch at the pantry,
mastering the "Art of War".

The continuing chaos,
the buzz on the floor.

The goodbyes for the day,
a ten minute drive back home.

The war of the news channels,
parents and the dinner.

The room of the metal Gods,
and the bed to insanity.

Thoughts of an angel,
"DREAMS" of an endless hope.


*Coming Soon: "The Weekend Chronicles"


Current Mood: Thoughtful
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10 Comments | "The Daily Chronicles!" »

  1. By June

    6 Apr 2006, 11:54pm [ Reply ]

    oh, ur dreamin of me? awesome! :D

    on a serious note, i wanna trade circles...how wud u like, gettin up at 11, coffee n paper, breakfast at 12...simply chattin or browsin or playin free cell up until 1 or 2 then tv.. all yer fav things..if nothin MTV... lunch at 4... come back to pc...n do nothin again....n blah n blah n blah n finally sleep anywer between 1 n 5...howzzat? Seriously, i need to get a life man atleast a job im thinkin!

  2. By Shrink

    7 Apr 2006, 9:40am [ Reply ]

    So simple...yet so profound... :)
    Trust u to make even the most mundane thing, so artistically beautiful... :)

  3. By Donnie

    7 Apr 2006, 11:12am [ Reply ]

    nice description, somehow sums up the robotic 'office life' scenario

  4. By Diva

    7 Apr 2006, 11:53am [ Reply ]

    June:Not a bad deal at all...the grass on the other side is always green. BTW, what is your qualification? and what kinda job are you lookin for?
    And, i thought i was talkin about an angel...hehhehe..just kidding.

    Shrink: I am flaterred, thank you. So, when are you treating me for writing such a nice one.....come back from Tirupati soon.

  5. By Diva

    7 Apr 2006, 11:55am [ Reply ]

    Donnie: Not the robotic office life, but also the mundane real life.

  6. By Zombie

    7 Apr 2006, 7:59pm [ Reply ]

    I am waiting for The Weekend Chronicles...Oh trust me this will be interesting....

  7. By June

    7 Apr 2006, 10:29pm [ Reply ]

    i am angel dude...cmon :P

    yes, totally agree wid the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
    What iv done or studied, i aint proud of..and what im lookin for is nythin from a salesgirl to customer care executive to nything man, really :)

  8. By Diva

    8 Apr 2006, 1:14pm [ Reply ]

    Zombie: I am sure, it will be interesting...from niloufer to necklace road..hehe!

    June: I guess you dont need to be proud of your credentials to get a job these days...shoot in your resume sometime, if you are serious!

  9. By June

    9 Apr 2006, 1:09pm [ Reply ]

    Gr8! wer do i shoot my resume to? :D

  10. By clement

    1 Nov 2006, 2:27am [ Reply ]

    GOOD...infact very good... something very true and part of life... specially the 'plastic smile' n 'dinner wid the parents'... very true... good..!!

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