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12 Apr 2006

JEE 2006

Posted by rishabh in Science | 3:01am

jee-2006. It was obvious that this year's JEE was different. For the ones interested in JEE and its related areas must've read the paper's on 10th April, and hence know about the new pattern.
The new format was like a tight slap on the faces of corporate institutions. NOT a single institute could predict the paper to be like this. While this turned out to be good for some, it proved to be fatal for some. Your's truly, like always is caught in the middle, neither having screwd it up , like many of his peers did, neither nailing the paper so as to be confident of clearing. He still has doubt in his mind , as to whether he will make it.
The thing was that, this time the questions werent tough, but were simple. Not even tricky, direct straight forward. I think except organic chemistry, rest of the paper could be answered by any hardowrking EAMCET-AIEEE preparing student. Solving books like IRODOV and D C PANDEY wont help you score in these exams, since I remember them asking a direct question from H C VERMA, in JEE 2006, a book that is looked down upon by many people on account of it being "simple".
I felt maths was tough. Many found it easy. I dont know, may be I messed it up somewhere, but then no one really knows, till the results come.

Hours after the JEE was over, students rushed to their institutes and vomited the questions onto their lecturer's head. By now all the major corporate institues have come up with their "ORIGINAL SOLUTION". Yeah they're original all right, some options which werent there in the JEE can be seen in their solutions, so that way yeah they have been quite original,
One more thing, one on close inspection will see that more than 50% of question's answers dont match. I have myself referred to FIITJEE, Resonance and BRILLIANT's solutions. All three have different solutions, contradicting each other. While one institute says that they are the "TRUE PLACE WITH ERROR FREE SOLUTIONS", another offers Analysis, and expects to tell you your rank by feeding in your score. I doubt you will get the proper response because after all, your expected rank will depend on how many other people have fed their results into the site, and my intuition tells me not more than 15% of the total students will give their data to one particular. No, thats not going to happen. I suggest all who are really confident of cracking JEE 2006, sit back and relax, and the rest who are unsure, prepare for the upcoming exams like AIEEE and BITS. Peace out.

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  1. By anubhuti

    16 Apr 2006, 2:58pm [ Reply ]

    dat was well said

  2. By aditya

    25 Apr 2006, 7:51am [ Reply ]

    that was well said but ur comment that 50%of the solutions werent right is wrong. other than 10 % all other ans were good
    the institutions contradicted in only 10% of the sols

  3. By Rishabh

    25 Apr 2006, 2:25pm [ Reply ]

    I agree with you now. Though FIITJEE changed many of its solutions later. The initial copy of the solutions from FIITJEE had many wrong answers. This article was written just lil while after JEE.

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