Ecstatic Failure

Think it over


rock_26iin | 22 February, 2007 13:50

A lonely star shone that night
Casting a silver light on us
I saw your breath wander
In the space that divided us

I watched a golden lock
Spread itself across your face
I watched as you moved it away
Watched the path your fingers traced

We sat in a silence
Too dynamic for me to break
Words held no more meaning
A single look was all it would take

A touch was enticing
But what it might do, I feared
The bond was so delicate
I still needed you near

I walked away from you
Hid myself in my own shame
Never looked back too
Though I knew it wasn't the same

Time changed a lot of things
We were never the same again
Then winter slowly dawned
I stood silently in the rain

You made your choices
And I made some of my own
You never understood mine
And I never understood your own

We chose separate paths
I resigned myself silently
I walked by myself
Faced the world defiantly

Now, we've gone too far on separate roads
And that old crossroad has returned
And I know I still feel the same way
And this time, you chose to walk away

All these words I've said
And you still don't care
I know no way to change that
Into the lonely night sky
I quietly stare

I know nothing else to say
To make you stay this time
All I can do is wonder
If we will ever be "fine"



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nonplussed grl | 23/02/2007, 06:11

@last line
amiable use of such a powerful pronoun 'We'.

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rock_26iin | 24/02/2007, 14:34

Lol, thanx. tho i dint exactly understand what u were pointing at

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