Ecstatic Failure

Think it over


rock_26iin | 24 February, 2007 15:46

Ever wonder how you can sit in a room full of people, people you know, and still be encased in solitude. You do everything, go through the ropes, do everything you can to help everyone,look out for them only to end up wondering who



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Diva | 01/03/2007, 15:25

dude,thats sad, but true....i guess i can understand and relate to such feeling...sometimes, we all go through it...go get urself a beer :)

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Footie | 04/03/2007, 13:06

Aah , well I felt that way many a time. and yeah , you exaplain ur thoughts very well :)

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B | 10/01/2008, 10:12

Yes that would be nice, but it don't always happen. Some people are destined to be alone.

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