Ecstatic Failure

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A Bitter-Sweet Memory

rock_26iin | 13 March, 2007 10:38

Go ahead. Erase me from your memories. Let time fade me away so I never return again. We soon part ways and it will become easier. For you, at least. What about me? Where do I take the broken fragments of my heart you so graciously handed to me? What do I do? I cannot erase you so easily. I don



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s | 13/03/2007, 11:29

boo hoo :( u make me want to cry real bad... sob sob

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ariza | 15/03/2007, 07:55

Keep writing. Does the intended one know this blog exists?

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rock_26iin | 15/03/2007, 13:22

@s - Lol. :)

@ariza - I intend to keep writing. And the "intended one" has asked me to leave her alone and i'm obliging therefore she doesnt know abt the existence of this blog

@Swe - go ahead but remember as t once said "tell them no secrets, show them no weakness"

P.s.:I know who u are :P

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Raj | 15/04/2007, 09:04

Dude...beautifully put. You are one hell of a writer.

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