Ecstatic Failure

Think it over


rock_26iin | 23 March, 2007 10:34

A lost maiden roaming the forests

A darkness cast by the glowing moon

What dark dangers does the forest hold

When the creatures of dark fully bloom

An eerie calm, a deadly prickle of hair

A presence of something silently sinister

A fragrance of lavenders, long squelched

A glowing anger at the uncalled visitor

A frantic flight, in search of safety

A rapid chase of increasing vehemence

A guiding spotlight of the indifferent moon

Lost in older worlds of its own remembrance

A tress caressed by gnarled fingers

A piece of cloth left on curved claws

Run does she, to the edges of fortitude

Followed by, hungry jaws

An attack in the marshes

Two bodies collide with the ground

Devoured is her glowing flesh

From the night, there is no sound

A tragic end to a lovely life

That came and passed too soon

The maiden was you, the beast was I

Now I stare at the indifferent moon.


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