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Monkeys With Grease & Bears With Claws

rock_26iin | 20 September, 2007 04:07

So we end up randomly at Hector & Todd's house. Thusan's radiator is busted so Nuwan, Thusan and me get down to repairing his rad. Felt good to get into the engine of a car again, haven't done much to my Suzuki at home for a long time now. The rad just had a hole in it, nothing a piece of duct tape can't fix temporarily. He's gotta get a new rad though. Felt like a regular grease monkey though :D

And work. Wow, what a week at work, more and more extra shifts piling up. But so is the money in the bank ;). And burn marks on my hand piling up too. Well, I was distracted by S. Thoughts of her kept pouring out and she even turned up in the middle of my shift, smiling at me. :D

Got three vertical burn marks, one beside the other, making it look like a bear claw mark. PERFECT story to tell people since we were planning to go camping soon anyway. :D


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