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1 Jul 2009

Beginning or the End?

Posted by vas in My Stories | 11:06pm

I was being shaken vigorously. I woke up from my deep sleep to find my mother’s usually calm face highly excited waking me up at about 1 O’ clock at night. I wondered what it could be hmmm…. Before I could think of anything my mom almost screamed telling me that the crew from ‘Shop In Your Pajamas’ have come to our place to make ME the FIRST participant in their show! I went mad.

I remembered that I had sent the idea of this show in response to an advertisement demanding ideas for an entertaining new show a few months ago. I am glad they made me their first participant.

In this show the crew (comprising of a host and cameramen, obviously there would be a director, producer, etc., but they wont be moving around) would pick a house at random at almost midnight and ask them to shop in their pajamas or whatever they are sleeping in! They get to shop in Ambience Mall for an hour and get whatever things they pick for free! But you can’t buy furniture, electronics, and costly jewelry.

The next moment I was sitting in a limo chatting with the host. As soon as I got down my vision got blurry. The time started ticking and I started running –due to excitement or……? The course of events changed from excitement to fear. Suddenly I fell down. I saw something above the Big Bazaar banner but couldn’t identify it. Everything faded to black and I slipped into unconsciousness.

I am again being shaken vigorously to be woken up by my mother’s usually calm face highly excited at about 1 O’ clock. Hmm that’s interesting. She (again) almost screams and tells me that the crew from blah blah blah blah . . . . . you know it right? Was I actually dreaming or have I become a psycho? Anyways the same chain of events flowed (exactly similar!).

But this time I know that I am running out of fear as . . . something is following me. I don’t know what. I am running for my life, I trip, and I fall. AAAAHHHH! Somebody help me! I am helpless. Oh God what shall I do? I shouldn’t have come after seeing that unlucky horrid dream.

Suddenly I see, observe and identify the thing on the Big Bazaar banner. To my horror it’s it’s it’s. Oh why do words stick to the throat and don’t come to the mouth when needed desperately!

NO NO NO I can’t I just can’t slip into unconsciousness nowee . . .

                                           (Is it)   
                                         The End

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  1. By nipi:

    2 Jul 2009, 8:28am [ Reply ]

    hey VAS... interesting! nicely written! :)

  2. By andhrawala:

    7 Jul 2009, 6:57pm [ Reply ]

    something and all happening

  3. By VAS:

    9 Jul 2009, 3:49pm [ Reply ]

    dear nipi
    im happy that you like my story

  4. By VAS:

    9 Jul 2009, 3:53pm [ Reply ]

    thanks for the comment
    this encourages me to write more such kind of stories

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