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26 Aug 2009

Doraemon and the Red Waterbottle

Posted by vas in General | 11:00am

She was walking to school, her water bottle swaying by her side, carrying her bag with a strange pride (contained precious notes of the class topper ;) ), and walking with long strides (she was tall). Her short hair played with the wind and she had to groom them every now and then.

She was all of fourteen and in the Tenth, but still she carried a blue ‘Doraemon’ bag and a red water bottle to school. She had not become a "young adult" like the rest of her classmates. It's not that she was not fashionable. She wore two watches of the latest trend alternatively.

Hmm, "strange girl" you would say if you knew her. I would agree. She was crazy with a weird sense of humor and great guts and really innocent. Not to forget, with a 24X7 talking mouth.

But in the class, she was a genius, the teachers couldn’t answer her questions. One of a kind. My plight was that she was my close friend.

Anyways she quickened her steps reflexly. Her watch showed she was five minutes late. It was the extra class you see, so if you weren’t on time you would have to miss the class. She hurried.

She was going upstairs to her class looking into the other empty classrooms and enjoying the silence (she enjoyed almost everything!) as only her class had been called for the extra classes. Every classroom had two doors. Usually one was kept closed. She reached the closed door of her class and looked in.

She saw the short guy with strange hair. She smiled in amusement. She was reminded of how her friends used to think she used to like him and she would laugh at their silly idea as the guy barely reached her shoulders!

She was about to enter the class when a breeze blew her hanky away. She went to fetch it and her bottle fell. She went forward to retrieve it. Suddenly she noticed a beeping red light in the next class. Her teacher had not arrived yet. She saw no harm in going in and checking. It was concealed behind the lower cupboard of the class but the latch had opened up. She noticed the source of the light was a network of intricately arranged wires. She realized what it was and almost jumped to tell the others.

Then, she noticed that her shiny shoe had a non shiny part. A transparent film from nowhere had stuck to her shoes. She was about to leave the room when she noticed another beeping light on the door. She got it. If she would leave the room the film would be detected and the bomb will go BOOM! She thought quickly.

Just then she saw her teacher about to enter her class. She called out to her, explained the seriousness of the issue to her briefly. The teacher’s face grew grim. She evacuated the class. My friend was left alone in the class. She began piling all the benches, teacher’s desk, chair, computer block, etc in front of the cupboard where the bomb was kept.

She did this to minimize the effect of the explosion. She then ran out of the room and jumped into the next room.

BOOM! There was a huge explosion. The whole building shook but nothing fell off. Only the class where the bomb was placed was badly hit and a wall or half of the other classes fell.

The rescue people arrived. They searched for her in the debris. Her friends came to know about what she had done just then. Some of her classmates rushed upstairs. The short guy I referred to above didn’t know anything about her, but came up as he heard the explosion. He noticed her hand feebly making its way out of the debris. He let out a scream, the rescuers rushed to pull her out.

She was so weak she couldn’t laugh when she came to know who saved her. Later she almost jumped out of joy when her bag was retrieved safe and good with all her notes intact. It was found hanging by the window in her class.

Dear diary, everybody is not as lucky as my friend. I don’t know how many thousands of people have died in such attempts of cruelty. We may have lost thousands of such intellectuals who may have proved Newton’s laws false. I fail to understand how some people can take pleasure in killing millions of innocent people. Anyways diary I got to go. I got homework to do.

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  1. By your fan:

    26 Aug 2009, 12:34pm [ Reply ]

    beautiful piece! beautiful!

  2. By nipi:

    26 Aug 2009, 3:45pm [ Reply ]

    vas, hope ur friend's all fine and doing great now...

    don' worry, the world's not going to be this bad after all! especially after kids like you and your friends grow up and make it a better place...

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