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17 Nov 2009

Surviving Human'kind' Part I

Posted by vas in My Stories | 4:07pm

The sweet cry of the baby girl thrilled him. The world’s top scientist of the 25th century had been restlessly pacing up and down the corridor of the lab just a few seconds ago. Bensen had just been successful in literally creating his own child...

A few thousands of kilometers away, inside a burning house, a 2-year old baby was left abandoned to cry to death. Nobody was worried about anybody in the inferno raging all around in the house and outside. The nuclear war had created havoc everywhere.

But, a passing gentleman, who had some heart left in him, detected the victim of cruelty. Luke was thus saved by Bounty. But, the problem was that the poisonous gases had badly affected the Luke’s vital organs. His chances of survival were bleak. Unless...

That was 22 years ago.

The red apple shone on the table. A beautiful person came for breakfast and sat down gracefully at the table. She had recently turned 22. Her father came in and smiled at her, wished her a good morning. Lucy replied with a smiling nod revealing perfect white teeth. She asked, “What’s for breakfast, dad?” Her voice was sweet and soothing, with comforting warmth. Bensen replied today it was chef’s special...

Somewhere in a burning hot red desert, a tall figure was seated on a rock and inhaling the red fumes. He was outside the space station which usually went on Mars to research whether the gold there was usable. He was in the midst of extracting it.

The 6'1” figure was clad in a space suit which permitted only his face to be exposed to the toxic atmosphere. The eyes were a melancholy brown. His brown hair fell gently on his wheatish coloured boyish face with a determined look. Bounty came out of the station and beckoned to Luke that it was time for the aircraft to leave the station for Earth...

(To be continued)

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  1. By oblivion, ur fan:

    18 Nov 2009, 10:41am [ Reply ]

    brillianto! great to read ur work after some time. eagerly looking forward to reading the next part :-) cheerio!

  2. By nipi:

    18 Nov 2009, 12:09pm [ Reply ]

    wow, nice story sirilu, hey am all curious like a cat about what happens next :P ... hope ur exams get over fast so we can get to read the sequel. as always dher sara pyaar to u....

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