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Jasz "The Spammer" A | 07/07/2004, 09:49 hrs

It was an offer that I couldnt refuse. My friend promised to get the tickets, pay for the popcorn, and buy me cigarettes if I saw Hyderabad Blues 2 again.

It was a big mistake. The movie was such a drag that Mirchi suddenly seemed a classic. Nagesh Kukanoor's sequel to his first movie is probably his worst yet. He hasnt improved one bit from his very first movie. The same amatuerish camera-work. The same crass comedy thats funny only because its in the Hyderabadi lingo. The same caricaturised look at orthodox parents. The only improvement was probably the acting and the junta in the theatre (house full).

Hyderabad Blues's charm was in the honesty and sincerity of Kukanoor's characters. The movies strength was in the realistic situations and conversations that the lead pair had. This movie sucks because this realism went out the window the moment the story gets interesting.

Let me explain. Varun (kukanoor) almost kisses an employee. (Keyword:almost). His wife gets to know and immediately asks him to leave. (Keyword:immediately). A few days later, after refusing to even see him, she asks for a Divorce. (Keyword:refusing).

Although she knows that he didn't lay a lip on his employee, she wants a divorce because she cant trust him anymore. That's understandable. When he finally convinces her to come back to him, she goes ahead with the divorce because his parents spew some orthodox shit about a womans suffering post-divorce being more than a mans. (Keyword:Unrealistic). Are we supposed to believe that she got a divorce because society says she cannot live alone and not because she was pissed at her husband??

The worst thing about HB1 were the sad camera angles. I'm dissapointed that after 4 movies Mr Kukanoor hasnt improved one bit. The product placement was a little too obvious.(keyword:Corporate Sellout)

The last thing I expected from Indie-films makers like Kukanoor was succumbing to Bollywood pressures and using one line introductions to a character. He also succumber to Hollywood pressure by taking a good thing and doubling it in the sequel. We had 2 dirty talking friends in HB1, we have 4 dirty talking friends in HB 2.

Then why are people raving about it so much?? Simple answer:


Whether you show it or you speak it, sex definetly sells. Hence you have long coversations about ravaging a hot-babe or declining sexual desires or the art of seduction. The defense will be that Nagesh (we're on first name terms now) touched "pertinent" issues. My answer is that Nagesh used it to draw more laughs. (keyword:used).

The first time I saw the movie I laughed. The second time I saw other people laugh. I was so quiet that my friend thought that I was sleeping.

(Damn these nature calls, I've lost the tempo of the above rant).

Nows the perfect time for me to plug Raghu Romeo. Truly entertaining flick. There are long monologues in the movie which are hellaciously funny without ever talking of sex. Believe it or not one scene has Raghu detailing the art of dipping a biscuit in tea which was funnier that the whole of HB2 put together.

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  1. Good one :) Makes me want to see that Raghu Romeo thing, whatever it is :)

  2. Raghu Romeo is the best Hindi movie I've seen this year. Maybe Maqbool comes close. But completely different genre, though being alternate cinema. Jasz, y don't u write the review for RR, also?

  3. Finally I see someone mentioning Maqbool. I thot twas pretty good too.

    Yes Jasz! Nice review here. Liked the keyword thingie. Why dont you do these movie reviews here? hope to see a Raghu Romeo coming next ...

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