Jasz writes a letter

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 08/07/2004, 06:50 hrs

Dear Mr. Mod,

Firstly, I would like to clarify that I have absolutely no hard feelings against you for banning me and hope that my banning wasnt a result of some hard feelings that you had against me for making your sunday evenings a bit tougher. **wink, wink**

I wont deny saying all those horrible horrible things. I also wont repent for saying them. They came out just as I wanted them to. I wont protest the ban......it was somethng that I totally deserved. But it really irks me to see that BlackWizard and Johnny also got banned for things that I said. For them it was a night of fun that went awry (pronounced or-I) and they shouldnt have been banned. I do sincerely hope that you revoke their bans.

As for me I shall have to find others ways to sneak in. I've already sneaked in twice under other IDs but you crushed me like a cockroach. Contrary to what most people think, I wasnt sad to hear that I was banned. The very first thing I did was to try to get in through a proxy. Unfortunately my computer skills are very limited and I hope some of the readers will give me ideas to break in. As the day wore on numerous FH users laughed at me for being banned. (I hate you guys : Nutty, Azazel, PSD, Stingrae, Romu, Baap and BW himself). But with each scorn my resolve to get in on the action strengthened. I shall return....someday, somehow.

Many people asked me why I (henceforth called The Victim) had gone to such an extreme in dissing the sisters (henceforth called The Perpetrators).

For over a month now The Victim (thats me) watched as his beloved boards fell prey to spammers and homosexuals. Being the one with the biggest ego (and the biggest ass) The Victim could not bear seeing these n00bs surpassing his post count. Taking matters into his hands he challenged the spammers to numerous cursefests and won. Such cursefests got rid of spammers like Rocksomething and CrackedNut (or so he thought).

There were others spammers who couldnt be defeated in cursefests. He introduced them to the blogs and made them lose interest in spamming. This got rid of spammers like Stingrae and Baap. The last remaining people on his list were The Perpetrators. The Victim thus devised a plan to irritate them and make them hate the boards. The plan consisted of continuos mental torture over a period of 4 days. He even made a list of gaalis to be used on each day.

Alas!!! The plan backfired and The Victim was banned.

Now people will ask me why I hated The Perpetrators so much.

To that I ask you, why did my cusses irritate you? I'm pretty sure they irritated you for their extreme vulgar content and their total disrespect for other peoples feelings.

I hated The Perpetrators for similar reasons. Their pansy posts about "not parking in zones for pregnant women, hating dolls because they looked freaky, silly food combos" are IMHO a total disrespect of my feelings.

But will you ban them, dear Mod??? No. Probably because of my remark last sunday that Balakrishna was famous.

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Responses to Jasz writes a letter

  1. dude! that was fucking brrrrillliant! wait till the three stooges get a load of this...err...thats if they're not busy posting pansy stuff. You Rule!!!

  2. Factual Error 1 : CN is NOT a spammer, never was. The bald dude ain't got the talent for it, nor the attention-span required for it.
    Factual Error 2: Stingrae did NOT come to the blogs because of YOUR fat ass, he was driven to the blogs due to incessant spamming over at the forums.Sure,he loved it,but everyone gets jaded after a while. Rock,keep rocking. btw,since when did Baap ever post on the DBs.
    Dammit boy,do not give any loopholes to the FH ppls!! :D
    btw,my postcount is stuck at 1200...:(

  3. Shaddup drp........cant ya just play along?

  4. To soothe ur self-esteem that's bursting out of ur brain, listen up dude! U admitted u were wrong. U admitted in being banned. U said everything was ok. So why the personal scorn against one or two persons in particular? If everything you percieved has happened the way you wanted to, then why start picking on people ALL over again?
    btw, another question, what does it take NOT to irritate u, Paisan?? Just because a person think on a seperate wavelength doesn't mean he/she is wrong! It's just that they think differently than the way you do. Every person in this world has their own viewpoints and there will ALWAYS be a face-off between those that differ. This oppostion will lead to that moment where one loses logic and is blinded by anger. A balanced person learns to keep check of those moments and would overcome them without losing his cool.
    About the content of ... It's that fine line that we're discussing here - The line that tells you to "freedom of expression" stops and "conflict" takes over. I for myself, fiercly believe that one is entitled to express his/her opinion in this world albeit in an unwritten protocol to go about it. The minimum is to express them in an "intelligent manner". Now intelligence would not mean "an outsider taking the pains to interpret your twisted writings". Intelligence lies in the manner you put the facts forward for the reader to comprehend. Take this really cheesy example - you clearly know the difference between "a good story that hints at the virtues of getting up early" and "your dad giving a 40-minute lecture on how lazy and sluggish you have become". now what would you prefer? Unmigitated and impuslive attacks (that are devoid of any reason and logic) or a well-thought (and humorous) satire blasting the opponent? In a public medium like this, one does start to worry as to how much his/her written words will be percieved by faceless readers. This leads u to a three letter word i've tried blanking out (Hint:: it begins with an E, ends with an O)
    My only concern here is that for u to make sense of the writing here, you'll have to step down from that High Pedestal you have perched for yourself on. And sigh... when will that be ????? ;-)

  5. To soothe ur self esteeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Thanx for the comment. I'm sure it makes a lot of sense.......to bad I fell asleep reading it.

  6. oh jasz, does it get more jobless than you?

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