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14 Aug 2004

A Musical treat..oops!! THREAT

Posted by Divakar in General | 9:42am

Another massacre!! Well, this time it's not in Iraq or the usual suspects Al- Qaeda. This takes us to the world of music, a beautiful world we all live in. There is a serial killer, who chooses his prey and executes them mercilessly. This time, his prey was Freddy Mercury...yes guys, iam talking about William Hung who freaked me out of my bed last night with his version of "we are the champions". God have some mercy on Freddie's soul! He must have been out of his grave, wondering how ruthless the world could be.

Hung is an instant hit all over the world. Merchandise made in his name. I agree, it was funny the first time, when he innocently did the cover of "She bangs". The world supported him for his innocence and i was one among them. But whats wrong with the world now?? Placed his album among the top 50 on the Billboard!!! and all he does on that album is kill some classics in the most sadistic way possible. Well, its high time  people understand that a joke can be enjoyed only once, repeating it over and over again can make it really sour. Freddie, i pray for you and may your soul rest in peace!!!

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  1. By Neurotron

    14 Aug 2004, 10:42am [ Reply ]

    heh heh..I remember the dude's debut on American Idol...and the tremendous fan following he gathered. I admired his courage too..
    didnt know he has an album now though!
    Reminds me of the way YOU used to 'mudder' English songs with Telugu lyrics...LOL, that was FUNNY man!

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