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22 Aug 2004

One last time...

Posted by Divakar in General | 4:36pm

The last time i laughed,

everyone else around cried.

The last time i loved,

the world learned to hate.

The last time i dreamt,

the future looked unreal.

The last time i was hurt,

the wounds never healed.

The last time i prayed,

the Gods went insane.




Current Mood: Bad Hair Day
Current Music: Find the river- R E M

3 Comments | "One last time..." »

  1. By TheShrink

    22 Aug 2004, 5:36pm [ Reply ]

    the only word that comes to mind--- "amazing"!!!!

  2. By Pye

    22 Aug 2004, 9:11pm [ Reply ]

    You start on a slow scale and build up to a suckerpunch in the last line. Really well done. :)

  3. By whg

    24 Aug 2004, 9:32pm [ Reply ]

    totally agree with theshrink

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