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29 Aug 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:06pm

Left alone to suffer in this world,

I wander all around in the cold,

looking for my identity which left me without a trace,

all i remember is that, people call me a scarface.

They look at this face which is mutilated,

I have taken it so much, always humiliated.

Longing for someone who can see the other side,

never found "the one", i tried and cried.

Current Mood: Sloshed
Current Music: Tantric- mourning

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  1. By Aran

    29 Aug 2004, 9:06pm [ Reply ]

    It's great when a poem manages to transmit emotions through words... and this one does. Well done. :)

  2. By divakar

    29 Aug 2004, 9:24pm [ Reply ]

    hey..thnx for those comments. Was just browsin thru ur blog...awesome!!!

  3. By Neurotron

    30 Aug 2004, 12:55pm [ Reply ]

    ayyo..what it is? Everyone becoming member of the club aa?
    You, Jai, Boy...tch tch..kya zamaana aa gaya..
    Maybe we need to be goin back to OFD and singing: "where were youuuuu...." :-)

  4. By divakar

    30 Aug 2004, 9:23pm [ Reply ]

    sure boy...why not...long time..lookin forward to it sometime this dec or jan...get ready.

  5. By Neurotron

    31 Aug 2004, 9:48am [ Reply ]

    Im ready. Bring it on.

  6. By Jai

    7 Sep 2004, 7:45am [ Reply ]

    Man.... u guys have nt transformed from the gay days of college ay! So neurotron and wakar bhai... are u guys gonna shake the world singing "where were u while i was burnt and broken?"
    u bloody jackos

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